The Korean inscription project entered a new stage, and MWCC was successfully launched on the OKEX platform

MWCC, Korea’s first inscription project leading the development of inscription technology, is excited to announce its successful landing on the OKEX platform, bringing new vitality and opportunities to the Korean cryptocurrency market.

The addition of MWCC has caused the OKEX platform to recognize and value the inscription project. This cooperation is expected to introduce the new concept of Web 3.0, which has not yet appeared in Korea, and at the same time lay the foundation for the Web 3.0 domain. As the first Korean inscription project to be launched on OKEX, MWCC will provide more investors with the opportunity to understand and participate in inscription technology through the OKEX platform.


We are very excited about the successful launch of MWCC on the OKEX platform,” said MWCC Project Founder (Geunho Lee). This milestone moment not only represents the development of our project in the field of inscription, but also provides global investors with a more convenient way to participate in the future of inscription technology.”


OKEX’s global reach and professional trading platform will bring more attention and opportunities to MWCC. Investors can now trade MWCC tokens through the OKEX platform and witness the global potential of inscription technology in Korea.


The core features of the MWCC program include (It offers a variety of functions such as an SNS sharing platform, product payments, and points redemption, providing real income-generating opportunities for platform participants.) .


Through the OKEX platform, MWCC will continue to work to advance inscription technology and open more doors for global investors to participate in inscription programs.


For more information about MWCC and how to participate in trading on the OKEX platform, please visit (


About MWCC:

MWCC is Korea’s first inscription program dedicated to the advancement of inscription technology in Korea and globally. Through its team focused on innovation and significance, MWCC aims to bring new possibilities and opportunities to the cryptocurrency space.

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