Ptah returns strongly to China

Ptah returns strongly to China and subverts all traditional trading platforms

The beginning of 2024 ushered in a new beginning. Ptah returned strongly to China, allowing everyone to be familiar with the new trading platform. The birth of blockchain digital transactions also means that a new era and a new future have come, and continuous progress and development in the construction and development of the digital economy have come. It has also ushered in the formation of a new environmental digital system, and there will be new companies rising and falling. The progress of the era will allow this era to form a new environment and new application scenarios. Digital transformation, upgrading and development are necessary improvements for traditional industries. The Ptah platform will Continuously update and complete the trading environment of universities. Ptah is an indispensable trading platform for everyone in the future. It is also the first diversified international trading platform.

Future application scenarios of the platform and upcoming plans

Ptah operating model

Ptah digital sector

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