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Crypto Raiders of the Lost Treasure is the first real NFT puzzle game in WEB3.0. By solving interesting clues, explorers will follow the story to launch a series of exciting treasure hunt games, which will not only obtain many surprise rewards but also meet the curiosity and adventurous spirit of explorers. This is a great experiment. It may not be the most perfect, but it is definitely an exciting game full of joy and a surprising bonus.


There are millions of the lost treasures in the Indian Ocean…

In 1716, Olivier Levasseur, a Frenchman nicknamed “the Condor” for the speed with which he attacked his enemies, was granted a license to use his private ships to capture enemy ships. But within months, Levasseur had moved on to a more lucrative career as a pirate.

In 1721, Levasseur and his companions, along with 750 pirates from three other ships, encountered the “Nossa Senhora do Cabo”, a Portuguese sailing ship flying the British flag, in the harbor of Reunion. 250 of them boarded the ship and killed the crew. Levasseur, who had no idea what was in the ship, was shocked. It was a floating treasure house filled with bars of gold and silver, precious stones, rough diamonds, guineas, church vessels, and goblets.

The pirates were scattered with the British navy in hot pursuit. The treasure was stolen by Levasseur and buried on an unknown island. The island is buried with innumerable treasures of gold and silver. The treasure palace was surrounded by walls of gold and silver. The walls inside the palace were inlaid with gold. Then Levasseur disappeared, and the treasure faded from memory.

Later generations in the course of the voyage occasionally get Levasseur’s death left before the treasure map fragments, so, they in such circumstances began a full of surprises and dangerous treasure-hunting journey…


1. The legend of the Indian Ocean

The seas are choppy, and in this unpredictable world, explorers need to find like-minded partners to help them out. To find these legendary treasures, 5,000 explorers from around the world will each be given a scroll and will be invited to embark on a fantastic adventure following the clues revealed by the age-old story.

2. Fragments of the Map

The island where the treasure is hidden is so mysterious that only those who try to complete the mission are eligible to move on. Explorers are required to complete a designated treasure hunt to find 1,500 excavated map fragments. In the journey of the treasure hunt, explorers may be able to retrieve the coins that Levasseur accidentally dropped!

3. The Treasure Map

On the way to the island of the intrigues, all kinds of fraud, all filled with people’s greed and desire for wealth. To find the huge treasure, explorers need to synthesize and assemble the clues they have into a true pirate treasure map. But a strange thing happened, the world appeared on 3,500 treasure maps! So which of these pirate treasure maps are real and which are fake? Explorers can only find real wealth if they get a real treasure map!

4. Treasure Hunt

After obtaining the treasure map, the explorer with more clues will be identified as the Raiders and get the next ticket to find the treasure. At the same time, explorers will also be able to gain coins or classic art collections. From there, explorers embark on a real treasure hunt!

5. Centennial Treasure

The treasure is precious, need to get the mysterious key to open, the key to obtaining the need for explorers to pay a certain price, the ultimate explorer uses the key to open the door of the palace buried countless treasures, get the centennial treasures which were lost for many years!

6. Super Pirate

In search of the most adventurous pirate heir, Levasseur also left clues and inheritance tokens for eligible Raiders. Eligible explorers are chosen to inherit not only the rich and mysterious legacy of the heirs but also the spirit of adventure for generations to come!

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