Groklong robot dragon, starting in 2023, setting sail in 2024, welcoming the big names in 2025

Robot Dragon, a fusion of ancient and modern technology, combined with Musk’s GROK robot to create a Chinese Robot Dragon, hold coins to share dividends, and celebrate the Year of the Dragon together.


  1. Develop the physical ecosystem of Robot Dragon,
  2. Create a robot dragon chain game ecology
  3. Improve the industrial layout of Robotron web3.0


At the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, everything will go well and we will set sail a hundredfold. The robot dragon will help the moon landing plan.


Buying and selling slippage: 5%


AVE pre-sale has been scheduled

AVE avatar has been uploaded

AVE hot search has been booked

Global Chinese and British website reports

BTOK red envelope traffic

Pinned by major KOLs

Major communities have been laid out

Automatically blacklist robots before the market opens


Contract address: 0x203A041124fc970D24a11d4366C51584A1e2dB87


QQ group:720785958


Telegram group:


Pre-sale link:

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