Defi4.0 New Mechanism DID New consensus in the SWAP community

DID SWAP provides a fair and just ecological environment for many users who are interested in realizing the value of the community . Through the unique community drainage and gameplay mechanism , it builds beliefs and strengthens consensus , realizes community value, and reaches a cumulative user volume of 100,000+ The goal is to launch the mainstream asset exchange and form an effective closed-loop ecological mechanism .

At present , DID SWAP has accumulated more than 50,000+ real addresses around the world through airdrop NFT , and will provide a solid guarantee for community freedom and personal value by building its own LP pot of 1 million U.

DID mechanism is upgraded from hundreds of mature mechanisms currently on the market . Its unique new Defi gameplay such as buying and selling , super burning , etc. , has achieved value multiplication in different periods from multiple levels .

In the DID SWAP ecosystem , DID can only be obtained through mining , while the link of asset interaction is realized by selling, destroying and mining , and the assets sold are 100% non-circulating . The steady increase in ecological value is achieved by entering user addresses and buying DID from the pot to burn to obtain computing power of the same value .

At the same time , in order to achieve the goal of strengthening user consensus and quickly accumulating 100,000+ users , DID adopts open-source pot, open-source mining pool, open-source token, open-source factory and routing contracts, CDK full audit , pot contract locked for 650 days, blockchain contract Locking method to ensure the absolute asset security of participating users .

In order to realize these business ideas , DID Swap will aggregate technologies including artificial intelligence, big data analysis, blockchain and other technologies at the current stage to better understand the needs, behaviors and preferences of community members, and then provide more accurate community services and incentives.

DID will launch NFT airdrops one after another to promote the continuous explosion of user community traffic . When entering the cycle mining stage , it is also when the DID public chain goes online , and all ecological values will be mapped to DID’s own public chain . When the construction of the public chain ecology is completed, DID will cooperate with Chat GPT cooperates to build DID metaverse ecology, so that every DID citizen can have his own identity, and users can complete a series of instructions through intelligent AI robots , including work, life, study, entertainment and so on.

The future DID SWAP will continue to explore the community value in the WEB3 era , lead the trend and direction of ecological value circulation and value-added , and bring more innovations and changes to the development of the DID ecosystem .

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