Block public chain native protocol

The decentralized finance (DeFi) system of the Block public chain’s native protocol never controls or discriminates. You can send, receive, lend, earn interest, and even stream money anywhere in the world. Block access to “free” services by giving up control over personal data. We are not limited to a specific region, our strength lies in providing global services, connecting everyone, and committed to serving people around the world and creating products for the world. Block is a technology, a native protocol, the home of digital currency (78 million in total), global payments, anti-quantum computing, decentralized applications, the future digital economy, and creating a simple, accessible platform for people around the world. Sino’s secure decentralized payment collection platform. The Block native protocol and its decentralized applications are transparent and open source. The Block community will build a prosperous future digital economy, provide creators with many ways to make money online, and open their digital world to everyone in the world. No matter where you are, it’s open to everyone. The Block service is open by default, you just need a decentralized wallet. These are free, easy to set up, under your control, and work without any personal information. Blockchain is more than just digital currency, anything you can own can be represented, traded, and used as a non-fungible token (NFT). You can label your artwork and automatically receive royalties every time it is resold. Or, use tokens to buy something you own as a loan. You can label your assets, such as real estate, land, non-current assets, etc. The possibilities for blocks are constantly increasing. You can fork code and reuse functionality that others have already built. If you don’t want to learn a new language, you can use JavaScript and other existing languages to interact with open source code.

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Register to get free computing power mining, and promote friends to get level 3 computing power mining.

The latest public chain blockchain project Block (total 78 million) has been rated by the industry as the most promising infrastructure blockchain project after Ethereum, and has been invested by a number of venture capital funds. Registration has just opened, registration link:

Block angel round private placement has started, and the private placement price will gradually increase over time. The price will be between 0.07USDT and 1.8USDT. After the four rounds of private placement, the BC price will rise to 1.8USDT.

Block will adopt the strictest KYC standards and will not rule out daily facial recognition to start mining. We will ensure the fairness of each user and eliminate all users who damage the ecology.

Users who participate in the private placement will have priority in obtaining trading rights and will be listed on the top 10 leading exchanges in the world. The top three exchanges are under negotiation. Private placement BC will not be frozen or locked, and currency withdrawals will be opened first (four rounds of private placement have ended) Withdrawals and transactions will be opened later, and the Block market value management team will ensure the interests of private equity users.

After the private BC market transactions are stable and the ecosystem is online, hash mining user transactions will be started (hash mining users do not rule out gradual unfreezing based on percentages, such as: each person unfreezes 5% to 10% of their BC every month), the specific time, Please refer to the announcement for rules. This will be beneficial to the development of Block price and ecology, and Block ecology will create huge value for everyone.

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